SunPower Customers Share Their Stories

What’s it really like to have home solar panels ? Homeowners share why they chose SunPower and how the decision to go solar has changed their lives.

East Orange

Excellent service and a very efficient solar system.

Fredrick G.


they installed everything in one day and it was a very nice and good looking job.

Lauren K.


Muy profecional les

Jorge G.

Stafford Township

Very happy with the whole process

Susan V.


Very nice and professional

Pablo M.


The ease of working with everyone that was part of

Christine B.

West Chester

Good product…..very efficient compared to competitors…..and I am a Tesla fan (and stockholder).

Jeff J.

Egg Harbor Township

when researching, panels received highest ratings. Reason I chose SunPower

Carmen R.


Initial demonstration and explanation was excellent.

Vicky J.


Kept me in the loop and they used American products

Douglas F.

Mount Laurel

There are quite a few different solar companies that have installs in my town. SunPower panels and our install is definitely a cleaner and nicer look.

Beverly P.


It person whom spoke to me in different way then other company’s. He took his time answer every questions we had.

Larry T.

Pine Hill

The panels are nice and not an eye sore like other panels.

Jamilla P.


Bill Zanes is the best. Also, the crew who did the installation was extremely friendly and effective.

Angela C.


The entire process was incredibly easy. To us it is a no brainer to get them.

Philomena N.

Washington Township

They look great and they work great

Ronald L.

Lacey Township

Looking forward to be a green friendly home

Robert H.


So far everything has been working fine. The installation was quick without any problems. My respect goes to the installers who worked outside in Arctic temperatures.

Susi C.


El proyecto se tomó mucho tiempo para completar.

Oscar M.