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Who We Are

Our story starts from the ground up, or perhaps more accurately, from the rooftops up. 

SunnyMac Solar’s CEO, Matt MacFadden, was working as an electrician but was contemplating next steps for his career and returned to school to earn his MBA. Through his studies, he began learning more about corporate sustainability, climate change, and the future of renewable energy but wasn’t yet sure where the journey would take him. He went on to attend law school but the rigorous curriculum kept him from his job as an electrician and he quickly found himself missing the hands-on work.

In 2009, Matt started hearing about advancements in the renewable energy industry and inspiration struck. He left law school to become a solar installer and start his own business in Delaware. He also saw opportunities to bring renewable energy to surrounding states, leading to a quick expansion into New Jersey, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

Initially, the SunnyMac team consisted of just Matt, and in the company’s first year, he installed 13 systems almost entirely by himself. Although the solar energy industry was relatively new at this point, Matt quickly earned a reputation for the quality of his work and the referrals started coming in. As business grew, he hired a small crew to help him lay panels on the weekends, and by 2014, the team had expanded to include about 40 employees, completing somewhere in the neighborhood of 80 projects per month.

Along the way, the SunnyMac model has evolved along with the solar industry. After a short stint as a turnkey solar solutions provider, the company morphed into an installation-only operation. Working with big companies like SunRun, SunPower, Sungevity, Solar City, One Roof, and SunEdison, the team installed over 4,000 systems between 2011-2017. However, when many of these larger enterprises began to struggle, fail, or file for bankruptcy, SunnyMac made the decision to resume providing turnkey solutions. 

Today, SunnyMac Solar is one big extended family that includes our team, partner companies, and thousands of happy customers, but the secret to our success is in the core values that have been a priority since the very beginning. Our legacy is one of growth, longevity, trust, and the incredible relationships we’ve formed along the way.

Thank you for being a part of our story!

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