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SunnyMac Solar specializes in turnkey solar power solutions for homes in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey , and Pennsylvania.

This includes the installation of solar roof mounts and ground-mounted systems, as well as solar-powered upgrades like batteries and EV charging. We also offer roof replacement in conjunction with your solar installation, or as a standalone service.

As an EPC solar installer, we approach each project as a custom-build and our in-house team handles all aspects of the process. SunnyMac will work with you every step of the way, to design a system that suits your home and helps you achieve your goals for going solar—be it sustainability, reduced energy costs, increasing your home value, or all of the above. 

Solar Suppliers That Partner with SunnyMac

Spotlight on Solar Technology

One of our most popular inverter options is the SolarEdge Home Hub —favored by homeowners for its quick installations, reduced wiring, labor, and installation faults. The SolarEdge Home Hub serves as a single-point inverter that can seamlessly expand into a complete smart home ecosystem.

Cutting-edge features make The SolarEdge Home Hub a standout choice for those looking to harness the power of solar energy while embracing modern technology. It also allows users to prioritize household loads for backup, allowing for greater control and flexibility over their energy usage.

SunnyMac’s Pricing Model

Every home’s solar setup is unique and never one-size-fits-all. Our systems are tailored to account for your home’s sun exposure, roof layout, and energy needs. The price of each solar energy system installation is determined by multiple variables—such as system size, your home’s location, your roof’s pitch and condition, rebate and incentive program availability, and more.

Learn more about our range of services to discover the best solar solutions for your needs:

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