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Ground mounts offer convenient access for inspections and simplify maintenance processes. With ground-mounted installations, there’s no need to remove panels for roof repairs or replacements, reducing potential disruptions. This approach helps streamline the management of solar systems while keeping structural modifications to your property minimal.

Ground Mounts vs. Roof Mount Solar: Which is Right for You?

If you are considering going solar, SunnyMac can help determine which type of system is right for you. Beginning with a comprehensive consultation—including a home inspection and a complimentary analysis of your energy bill—we are easily able to assess which type of system will best meet your needs.

Our residential solar energy systems have helped thousands of households harness the power of the sun to reduce their energy costs and environmental footprint. See our solar installations in action here.

The Benefits of Going Solar with SunnyMac

Energy independence

Gain control and freedom from traditional utilities

Financial Savings

Reduce energy bills and achieve long-term cost stability

Environmental impact

 Contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable future

Solar Suppliers That Partner with SunnyMac

SunnyMac’s model is based on installing new systems while keeping future maintenance minimal. As your trusted solar partner our priority is to ensure that all components are installed correctly, eliminating the likelihood of warranty issues in the future. We proudly work with some of the industry’s leading residential solar brands including:

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