Wilmington, DE – In celebration of Earth Day and reinforcing its commitment to environmental stewardship, SunnyMac is proud to announce a significant ecological initiative in partnership with the NFF. This year, SunnyMac will be planting over 12,000 trees, reflecting its dedication to sustainability and responsible energy solutions.

This initiative builds on SunnyMac’s ongoing commitment to the environment. For every solar system installed and for every tree removed to enhance system productivity, SunnyMac plants a new tree. This Earth Day, the company is excited to accelerate these efforts and catch up on all tree planting for past installations.

“At SunnyMac, we are deeply committed to our role as environmental stewards and partners in sustainability,” said Matt MacFadden, Owner and CEO of SunnyMac. “Our partnership with the NFF allows us to further our impact and support crucial reforestation efforts. We were drawn to the NFF because of its focus on identifying areas that are most in need of reforestation. Each tree planted represents a step forward in our journey towards a sustainable future, underscoring our promise to not only provide renewable energy but to also regenerate our planet’s vital resources.”

SunnyMac’s tree planting initiative is an integral part of the company’s broader sustainability strategy, which includes promoting renewable energy and reducing carbon footprints across the communities it serves. By integrating environmental action with its business operations, SunnyMac stands at the forefront of sustainability and responsibility in the renewable energy sector.

For more information about SunnyMac and its sustainability initiatives, please visit www.sunnymacsolar.com.

About National Forrest Foundation

The National Forest Foundation works on behalf of the American public to inspire personal and meaningful connections to our National Forests. By directly engaging Americans and leveraging private and public funding, the NFF leads forest conservation efforts and promotes responsible recreation. Each year the NFF restores fish and wildlife habitat, facilitates common ground, plants trees in areas affected by fires, insects and disease and improves recreational opportunities. The NFF believes our National Forests and all they offer are an American treasure and are vital to the health of our communities. Learn more at nationalforests.org.

About SunnyMac

SunnyMac is an industry leader in residential solar solutions, committed to providing reliable, personalized service and promoting environmental stewardship. As a trusted partner, SunnyMac delivers comprehensive, end-to-end solar services that empower homeowners towards energy independence and sustainability.


Greg Middlemas

Vice President of Marketing        



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